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Car Arm Rest - Fall Preventing Handy Bar

Car Arm Rest - Fall Preventing Handy Bar

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Are you someone that just wishes there was a helping handy bar there to ensure you or a loved can get out of the car safely and easily? Well you’ve come to the right place! It can be quite uncomfortable or dangerous for some when getting out of a car, particularly low cars. This handle will be your safety bar and strong support to prevent any potential fall or accident! Not to mention, it is a 3 in 1 gadget!

So what are these four uses?

  • Window Breaker – break your car window in the case of an emergency with the fine point diamond end of the handle. This is one of the smartest and easiest way to break a window as the smaller the surface area of a tool, the higher the pressure applied!
  • Support Handle – Insert the metal extension into the steel loop on the inside of the car door for a supporting handle when exiting!
  • Led Torch Light – Ever find yourself in the dark or can’t see where you’ve lost an item in hard to view places such as under the seat? This gadget has you covered.
  • Seat Belt Cutter – In the case of an emergency where you could find yourself unable to release the seat belt, simply cut it! The handle has a built in ‘box’ style cutter for your use.
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