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Johnson's Baby Cotton Buds 200 Pieces

Johnson's Baby Cotton Buds 200 Pieces

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From everyday hygiene routines to delicate touch-ups, Johnson's Baby Cotton Buds offer the reliability and safety you can trust. Make sure your baby feels pampered and well-cared for with Johnson's Baby Cotton Buds - the perfect addition to your baby care essentials.

• Brand: Johnson’s Baby

• Product Type: Bath Equipment

• Product Sub-type: Baby Grooming

• Soft and gentle for use on delicate skin.

• Naturally absorbent with 100% pure cotton tips.

• 100% paper sticks.

• Cleans in between baby’s fingers, toes and other creases on the skin.

• Ideal for applying and removing make-up.

• There are 200 baby cotton buds in a package.

• Hazards and Cautions: Avoid inserting the cotton buds into your baby's ear canal or nose to prevent any potential harm or damage.

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