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59" Dog Sprinkler & Splash Play Mat

59" Dog Sprinkler & Splash Play Mat

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Transform your pet's hot day into a joyous water adventure with this 59-inch/150cm Dog Splash Pad!

Picture this:

    • Your furry friend erupts in happy barks and jumps, chasing playful bursts of water from the sprinkler.
    • Their tail wags with pure joy as they splash and cool off in their own mini oasis.
    • Laughter fills the air as kids join in the water fun, creating cherished summer memories.

Why this Whale Splash Pad is the ultimate summer toy:

    • Spacious fun: Plenty of room for your pup (or several!) to frolic and play.
    • Durable & safe: Thick 0.58mm PVC, BPA-free, and non-slip for worry-free splashing.
    • Easy setup: Simply connect to a garden hose and adjust the water pressure for the perfect spray height.
    • Portable party: Folds up easily for water fun anywhere - backyard, park, beach, you name it!
    • Bonus repair patch: Accidents happen, be prepared with a quick fix to keep the fun flowing.

Don't just listen to us, check out what these happy pet parents have to say:

"My dog absolutely loves this sprinkler pad! He runs around like a madman chasing the water, and it keeps him cool on hot days." - Sarah B.

"This is the perfect way to beat the heat and keep my kids entertained for hours. They love playing in the water and it's great exercise for them too." - John M.

Ready to give your pup (and yourself!) the gift of summer fun? Click "Add to Cart" now and let the whale-tastic splashtastic adventures begin!

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